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Top 10 reasons people fail their driving test

On average those who pass their driving test first time, have had around 45 hours of professional training, along with about 22 hours of private practice.

Learners who have combined professional instruction with private practice have had a more successful pass rate than those who do not.

From June 2004 studies it showed that the pass rate was only 43%, and for first time candidates, it is even lower.

Below is list of the Top Ten reasons to why people fail their driving test:

  1. Inappropriate speed - travelling too slowly or being hesitant
  2. Reversing around a corner - ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  3. Moving away safely - ineffective observation
  4. Observation at junctions - inefficient observation and judgement.
  5. Lack of steering control - steering too early or leaving it too late
  6. Reverse parking - ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  7. Incorrect positioning to turn right - at junctions and in one way streets
  8. Use of mirrors - not checking or not acting on the information
  9. Incorrect use of signals - not cancelling or giving misleading signals
  10. Incorrect positioning on the road - at roundabouts or on bends

This list is not in the order of importance, it is just a list of the top ten reasons of why people failed their driving test, as from a study of the 12 months of 2004. Also these reasons are why other people have failed their test, for you it could just be down to that you are just not ready yet or nerves on the day, so the best advice is to wait until you feel 100% for the test and not to rush straight into it.

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